“My” Satanic Bible

Most people have heard of “The Satanic Bible”, even those who know nothing about Satanism have most likely heard of it and depending on you’re point of view sounds cool or horrifying. Many would be surprised to learn many or even most modern Satanists don’t follow The Satanic Bible (from here on simply called TSB), I mean it’s the bible of Satanists after all.

Most of those reading this don’t need to be told those who identify more with The Satanic Temple don’t follow or even reject TSB for many reasons. Myself I have a great deal of issues with TSB, so what am I talking about when I say “My Satanic Bible”.

Everyone has things they find important to their life in this case I am talking about, moral stances, philosophies, ideas and imagery that speaks to them. These things can come from pretty much anywhere, don’t let anyone tell you they can’t, a long dead philosopher may speak to someone, for another person a fictional character, for others a mix of these. Normally we file these in the back of our head maybe not remembering more then bits or pieces, but we remember it’s importance to us. Creating a personal Satanic Bible is writing these things down and organizing them.

Why bother is a question I’ve gotten a lot.

Since I write them down in paper journals I can’t just easily delete, cut, copy, paste and start a over, so I need to think deeply. It is a tool for me to do a deep personal study on my world view, what I find important. I have found myself refining my views and rethinking my beliefs when I have conflict, it has been difficult, but rewarding. I have found that while the seven tenets are important to me (and I do include them), the invocation speaks to me even more. I have written down my views on each tenet, I’ve created a pentagram which includes the idea of balancing compassion,, rebellion, self, passion, pleasure and reason being the circle.

Right now it is in a small hand held journal I can keep with me and it reminds me of my convictions, passions and enjoyments, which is sometimes helps when I’ve had a hard day. It is not a comfort because it’s a holy book or that the words in the book have some divine meaning, but that I can look and touch something that is symbolic of my growth, my values and what I hold important.

It being in a nicely made journal one could argue makes it harder for me to grow as the ideas I hold now I can’t just throw out and get rid of with out tossing everything. There is a flaw in this thinking, growth isn’t something so hide, if I need to change something in my book I can write a small note, noting that it has changed and put my new view down else where in the book. I can see my growth, not only does this remind me of my growth, but I reminds me that people can change and grow.

I don’t know if I will ever feel I have completed this task, I know I’ll never stop growing as a person, the ever changing contents of My Satanic Bible shows me so, but it also is a physical reminder that I have values, beliefs, ideals and helps me remain mindful of them even when the world outside myself becomes difficult.