Podcast: 2020 Sucks And So Do Social Norms

First I  give a small rant, talk, something about how hard these last few weeks have been on  myself and everyone. Talk a bit about staying safe while  voting and after the  election. During the  main segment  social norms are bullshit and  frankly end up  causing more trouble than they are worth. They  try to  […]

Podcast: Yes Satanism Is a Religion

Remember you can find this podcast on pretty much all podcast apps now. There is a Huffpo article that pushed the idea of this episode, Oct 1st was Blasphemy day, a list of Republicans with something in common and finally in the Main segment we talk about what makes  Satanism a  religion and what does […]

Podcast: What Is Qanon Anyway

You can also listen herehttps://www.podbean.com/ea/pb-3n7wg-ebbd21 or anywhere else that you find podcasts On this weeks show we talk about Qanon, Why should we care about it, what is it, who is Q, what is adrenochrome, what is The Storm and why the hell are they obsessed with  Trump’s tweets. Did I become a member of […]

When Bad Things Happen To Bad People

In this  episode we discuss the morality of feeling  joy, happiness, catharsis or even flat our  celebrating when bad things happen to bad people. Can you even control feeling this way, should you care about emotional harm on the family? These are the questions discussed, also some feed back about this very topic.  First however […]

“My” Satanic Bible

Most people have heard of “The Satanic Bible”, even those who know nothing about Satanism have most likely heard of it and depending on you’re point of view sounds cool or horrifying. Many would be surprised to learn many or even most modern Satanists don’t follow The Satanic Bible (from here on simply called TSB), […]

So, why Satan?

Let’s ask the big question first and the name of this blog, why Satan. We use Satan as a figurehead to represent our defiance of tyranny. He is a literary character with qualities we admire. Satan can be used as a symbol. Not only of rational inquiry, but to cast off ideas of arbitrary authority, […]