Podcast: Moving Forward

On this short episode (which is do to the fact I need to switch my  recording  days around and a bad allergies)  I have someone who I think is awesome do my intro for me. I talk about new places i  want to  take the podcast and ask if anyone wants to  send in their […]

Podcast: Oh Dawkins

First up, what people get wrong about science in general, we move on to more Why Satan Preps where I talk about  bags with in bags. Moving on from there I lay into Dawkins and his habit of giving voice to some really shit anti-trans ideas. lastly there will be no podcast next week I […]

Podcast: Why Satan preps

Welcome to the  new format, shorter segments  which lets me hit on a  few more topics each episode  and lets me  touch on things that don’t need 40 minutes. On this episode I introduce the new format, I thank every single person who listens ( more than once), Touch on something that  has been  bothering […]