PodCast: Your Teacher Is Better Trained Than Your Cops

08/18/20 update: i wasn’t happy with the sound quality of this episode, was done with a poor mic also was too scripted for my personal way of doing things. I’ve fixed the sound issue for future podcasts.

So my first podcast took me a while for a few reason, but ended up finally getting around to it. The idea for this first one came from a discussion a while back. You can listen it here or you can listen at PodBean Directly. It is also on iTunes

It might seem surprising, but yes your teacher is in fact better trained than your cops, how would I know, well I went through training to be a teacher.  In this episode I check out what it takes to be a cop in  Boston and compare it to what I was required to do,  in short it still makes me  angry when I think about it.

killology: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/02/dave-grossman-training-police-militarization/

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