Podcast: What Is Qanon Anyway

You can also listen here
https://www.podbean.com/ea/pb-3n7wg-ebbd21 or anywhere else that you find podcasts

On this weeks show we talk about Qanon, Why should we care about it, what is it, who is Q, what is adrenochrome, what is The Storm and why the hell are they obsessed with  Trump’s tweets. Did I become a member of Qanon after hanging out for a month on 8chan and Voat who know come fine out!

Before we get to the main segment however we talk about that asshole J.K Rowling, we learn that ICE can indeed become more Nazi like and we look at a fun Rational wiki article Shiva Honey posted on Twitter

and Remember feel  free to contact me on Twitter or email at Podcast@whysatan.com

Opening  Segment Links

The Main segment Qanon articles [as i  said I will not be  linking to  anything on  4/8chan or VOAT]

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