70 million people

70 million people, as of right now that is the amount of people who looked at the past four years and said I want more. 70 million people looked at the world laughing at the United States, 70 million people looked at the inhumane treatment at the border, the 242,877 dead, the racism, sexism, homophobia, anti trans, anti immigrant, nepotism, fascism and said “I want more of that please!” 

As of writing this, a few hours ago Biden was declared the winner by more than 4.3 million votes. That number sounds good, but remember Clinton had 2.9 million more votes than Trump. Taking the growth in turn out into account it’s only larger by 0.96%! We don’t even have a meaningful 3rd party to blame this time ether, no joke voting this time, no clueless people who don’t know who Trump is. I’m sure the number will grow as more votes are counted, but it’s not enough to be proud of it’s frightening and disgusting.

As a Satanist I have a humanist world view, which stresses the potential goodness of human beings, I don’t know what to do with this at the moment. Most Satanists would rather not write off whole swaths of human beings, we don’t like doing the whole  “that person is evil” thing as the world is more complicated than that, but the people who voted for Trump this time there is no excusing them, not even a tiny bit, not this time. The world didn’t accept following orders in the 50s and there is no excuse now. 

We have to figure out how to go forward while working against these 70 million people, we tried to convince Uncle Bob and Grandpa John how this Maga death cult is indistinguishable from the earily Nazi party. That’s not hyperbolic, the Nazis didn’t start off with death camps and MAGA got pretty fucking close, just like you can’t convince me to try to change the mind of a Nazi, I can no longer be convinced I can change the mind of a MAGA.

Trump getting 70 million votes is unacceptable, he should not have gotten one vote, anyone who voted for him this time I’ve written off, they will never again be my family, my friend or my neighbor. They are repulsive, they are a stranger and I don’t see how they redeem themselves. Unlike them I will never call for them to be physically harmed, but they will never again have my compassion. I also have no idea how any country can view us as any differently, but maybe, just maybe, we have a 0.96% chance at redemption. 

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