Podcast: Why Satan preps

Welcome to the  new format, shorter segments  which lets me hit on a  few more topics each episode  and lets me  touch on things that don’t need 40 minutes.

On this episode I introduce the new format, I thank every single person who listens ( more than once), Touch on something that  has been  bothering me and others during this whole year of lock down, talk about why prepping isn’t just for doom-dayers, I got on an un planned rant about whole potato head thing as i am  sick  of hearing about it.

Today there aren’t any links to  stories but here is an email where I am always be reached podcast@whysatan.com.

The image below is my general EDC (Everyday Carry)L as noted I have some meds and bits in a tin for my mini ratchet. Some just in case money, bandages, cleaning wipes, anti sting wipe, burn cream, nail clippers, small pocket knife/scissors, tweezers the donut thing is high strength string

The image below isn’t needed as much but it’s more of a durable multitool that stays in the bag because there is room for it

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