Podcast: Why Satan preps

Welcome to the  new format, shorter segments  which lets me hit on a  few more topics each episode  and lets me  touch on things that don’t need 40 minutes. On this episode I introduce the new format, I thank every single person who listens ( more than once), Touch on something that  has been  bothering […]

Podcast: Libertarian Utopian Nightmare

After this episode I will be switching over to  smaller segments that can split  up  longer topics over time unless a topic is better as a long form  topic. This will make interaction and feed back easier among other things. For today however I cover the idea of a Libertarian Utopia, why it’s Problematic, why […]

Podcast: Rush to Judgement

Rush is dead and I am happy that fucker is dead. He caused enough misery to enough people no one should have any pity for the fucker. So of course the podcast talks about how much of an asshole he was. Also rip Cuomo a new one because no one gets to say no need […]

Podcast: New Year, New Start and 2020 in review

The President is now the former President, who from now on I will refer to as “trash”. Today felt more like new years than new years did. The events of today have me cautiously optimistic with the  signing of surprisingly  progressive executive orders. I still plan on being ready to call out this new admin […]

Podcast: A Difficult Episode: Trigger warning

As the title says this is a  difficult Episode, I have a  trigger warning before the opening for suicide, bullying,  LGBTQ discrimination and an audio clip of a school councilor yelling at a  17 year old transgender student, I do not  include the students audio. The episode started when i  read the following  article  https://www.out.com/news/2020/12/22/trans-teen-dies-suicide-after-being-humiliated-wearing-skirt […]

70 million people

70 million people, as of right now that is the amount of people who looked at the past four years and said I want more. 70 million people looked at the world laughing at the United States, 70 million people looked at the inhumane treatment at the border, the 242,877 dead, the racism, sexism, homophobia, anti […]

Podcast: 2020 Sucks And So Do Social Norms

First I  give a small rant, talk, something about how hard these last few weeks have been on  myself and everyone. Talk a bit about staying safe while  voting and after the  election. During the  main segment  social norms are bullshit and  frankly end up  causing more trouble than they are worth. They  try to  […]